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VSO Empowerment EventS

Creating High Value Services And Demand For The Nation's VSO's
VSO Empowerment Event
Empowering The Nations VSO Leadership
Leveraging The Power Of The Masses To Make Our VSO's Highly Profitable And Popular

3.7 million Veteran Owned Business

10's million's Strategic Non-Veteran Owned Business Partners


167 million's American Military
Community Consumers

100s million's Non-Veteran American Supporters 

Build A Powerful Veteran & Strategic Non-Veteran Business Alliance Support Network
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VSO's across the nation are closing their doors because of mismanagement and lack of meaningful relevant services, necessary to meet the needs of the military community members they serve. The UNITED STATES VETERANS INC. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (USVINCCC)is on a mission to leverage the power of the 4 communities to grow membership, diversified revenue streams and a range of services designed impact the needs of the military community, making membership highly desirable while at the same time providing a return on investment to the organizations nonveteran strategic alliance business partners and nonveteran community supporters.


"JOIN US" to learn how a Partnership with the United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce can QUAD TRIPLE  YOU ORGANIZATIONS MEMBERSHIP ROLES AND REVENUE STREAMS.

  • Local USVincCC Branch Office
  • Local Military Community Reaction Teams (MCRT)
  • HIRE-Vets-First Employment Opportunity Fairs
  • Food & Clothing 4Vet's Resource Center
  • Wounded Warrior League of Military Heroes
  • VA Wounded Warrior Hospital Events
  • Craft Beer Tasting Events
  • Military Spouse Wine Tasting Events 
  • Charitable Fundraising Foodie Events
  • Hunting, Fishing & Family Outing Events
  • Eagles Night Out Veterans B2B Networking Events
  • Gathering of Eagles Tradeshows & Events
  • Strategic Non-Veteran Business Partner Events
  • Political Liaison
  • Government Agency Liaison
  • Team Building & Sporting Events
  • Hometown Hero Awards Events 
  • Appreciation Day- Veterans' Health Network Charitable Military Community NPO Support Org's
  • VA Wounded Warrior Hospital Events
  • Military Community Family Day
Our Military & Non-Military Community Advantage
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United States Veterans Inc.
Chamber of Commerce
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       Eagles Night Out         B2B Networking Events 
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The United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce (USVIncCC),is a national business organization made up of Veteran Owned Business Owners and Non-Veteran Strategic Alliance Business Partners whose mission it is to provide the nations small, disadvantaged Veteran Owned Business Owners the tools and technology necessary to provide them a strategic advantage in the marketplace where they do business.


THE VSO ADVANTAGE; The USVIncCC is branching out and establishing local offices in VSO chapters across the nation. 

The mission is to empower our nations VSOs with the tool's, resources, programs, and services necessary to better serve the nation's Military Community, while at the same time growing exponentially lucrative membership and partnership opportunities with the nations Veteran Owned Businesses and Non-Veteran Strategic Alliance Partnerships. 

Eagles Night Out B2B Business Networking Events are being held in local Veteran Service Organizations in communities nationwide. 

The mission of the organization is two-fold. First and for most, Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events was created to provide the Nations Veterans Owned Business Owners and our Strategic Alliance Partners an opportunity to meet each other on a local level, face-2-face giving them an opportunity to give fellow veterans and our strategic alliance business partners first preference when it comes to giving business contracting and employment opportunities. 

Eagles Night Out Events not only provide revenue generating opportunities for our nation's Veteran Service Organizations, but also create Sponsorship, Membership Growth, Community Partnership Opportunities, and Growth Initiatives designed to breathe new life into and make our nations Veteran Service Organizations relevant and meaningful again to the communities they serve. 


VETBIZ*CONNECT is a new mobile, and desktop platform under development created to connect the nations Veteran Owned Businesses and our Non-Veteran Strategic Alliance Business Partners on a multi-geographical level to generate unprecedented business growth opportunities, resource development, provide our members with innovative tools and information technologies necessary to give our veterans a strategic competitive market advantage. 

VETBIZ*CONNECT is further being designed to leverage the business and consumer buying power of the nation's Veteran Owned Business and Military Community buying power to support Military Community Social Services Initiatives and to further support those Non-Profit Organizations providing services to the Military Community. 

VETBIZ*CONNECT is further capable of connecting on demand both businesses and consumers to those businesses interested in promoting both products and services to a lucrative niche market consumer group.


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a symposium of VSO membership, revenue generation, and community program growth initiatives  

JOIN US! Learn how a partnership with the United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce and implementation of Eagles Night Out Events into your Chapter can boost your revenue generation, membership recruitment. sponsorships. lucrative community partnerships, and meaningful programs and social service-initiatives

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