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Military Community

Shopper Profile

The Veteran Owned Business and Military Community combined are literally the most politically powerful and affluent niche market opportunity in the nation; and America's greatest hope for the nations economic recovery.

Want these People for Your Customers?

  • 23 million veterans

  • 2.5 million Active and reserve military personnel

  • 20 million spouses of veterans and military Troops

  • 55 million children of veterans and military troops

  • 66.5 million parents of veterans & military troops

  • And God only knows how many brothers, sisters and relatives


Over 167 million Americans make up the military community, whose members put back over 3 Trillion Dollars into the U.S. economy through consumer spending.

A glimpse at the members of Military Community and how they like to shop…​

  • We belong to a social community network  where Commitment "Loyalty", Honor and Service to our nation and community is a way of life (167 million members).

  • Our family members, friends and associates make up Two Thirds of the nations population of 315 million people.

  • We are highly respected and have the gratitude of a grateful nation and its citizens for our heroic military service and the sacrifices that our families had endured while in service to America.

  • We weld a significant amount of influence politically, in the media,  the work place, within our communities, amongst family members, friends and associates.

  • We are educated and highly trained professionals, and are in constant pursuit of educational opportunities and advancement.

  • Our leadership training and skill-sets are employed in every segment of the government, military and private sectors.

  • We dominate middle and senior management positions in every city, county, state and federal government agencies and the industries throughout the United States.

  • We are  of a diverse ethnic origin and represent every cultural community in America.

  • Our average age ranges from 19 to 95

  • Between my wife and I our income averages $107,000.00 per year

  • We have 2 to 3 kids who always want to buy something

  • We work hard for our money and manage it well

  • We own 2 nice cars which always need maintenance or repairs

  • We love to use rewards cards and coupons! We eat out 3 to 5 times per week and coupons allow us to do that in these tough times

  • Coupons also allow us to save thousands of dollars on things we use every day like, auto, home services, home improvement and even professional services

  • We are technologically literate and often use a computer or my cell phone to shop around and am always looking for the best value.

  • Price is important but not a main concern

  • We want quality goods and services, and relationships with businesses we can trust and refer our family and friends to.

  • We are highly loyal and supportive of our military, fellow veterans and their families within the military community and would favorably consider using those rewards programs and or giving my business to those businesses in the community that support the Military Community through a variety of social service initiatives.​

  • We deeply appreciate the support you've given to the Military Community

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