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Networking Success Tips

Learn how to maximize your networking efforts.
Networking Tip's
How To Network Before An Event

Networking is about making connections as well as building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Results of networking at the the Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events include, but are not limited to:  developing valuable business contacts, business deals, personal and organizational growth, and developing a new resource business network.

Be Approachable 90% of communication is non-verbal. Therefore, when looking to network, be outgoing and be the first to introduce yourself. Look others in the eye while speaking to them and be an active listener.

Use available ENO technology (Poken) or bring Business Cards To network, it is strongly recommended to bring several business cards to pass along when meeting people at the event. This helps keep track of who you met at the event, as well as makes it easier to reconnect and add as a connection on social media platforms post-event.

Do your Homework Once you have access to the list of presenters, attendees and exhibitors you would like to meet with, do some research on them. Also, plan ice-breakers and be fully prepared to hold conversations that will help strengthen your  relationships and opportunities.

The Eagles Night Out meeting hall are busy and bustling places.. With anywhere from 50 to hundreds of individuals and businesses networking;  and seminars to attract potential ENO attendees, this is the place to meet people of varying backgrounds from all over New England. Numerous exhibitors do reciprocal business transactions on-site,  the best way to build a relationship is in person.

Follow Up Post-Convention, send a message to those whom you connected with, reminding them of who you are, when you met, thank them for their time, and that you are looking forward to seeing them again in the future.

Set an Objective After researching and knowing who you want to reach out to, set your goals of what you want to accomplish while networking at the ENO Event. Whether that’s a casual conversation with a certain amount of people or connecting with someone in particular, accomplishing your goal is a great feeling and your network will grow because of it.

Show up Early to Sessions It is much more advantageous for you to show up to sessions early because the room is calmer, there are less people settled in, and there are more opportunities to talk with those around you who are by themselves.

Start Conversations It can be very easy to stand around the edges of a room or sit alone, but it is impossible to network by doing this. Rather, approach someone and start with simple questions such as, “May I join you?”, “What brings you here?”, “Where are you from?”, and “What kind of business do you own?”. You never know who you will meet and you will be much more effective using this method.

Take Advantage of Opportunities Not only can you meet other attendees at sessions but the Eagles Night Out Events offers numerous session add-ons where you can take part in more formal and intimate networking. These include breakout activities  with a guest speakers and other attendees who are similar to you. View the various opportunities available to you here.

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