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Veteran Owned Business Participating Resource Agencies







Defense Contract Management Agency                                             Ann Howell

District East                                                                                                                          SB Specialist

495 Summer Street                                                                                                            (617) 753-4108

Barnes Building                                                                                                                   FAX:      (617) 753-3174

Boston, MA  02210                                                                                                   


All aspects of DOD contract administration, pre-award surveys, contract payments.


Department of the Air Force                                                                       Bill Donaldson

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC/SB)                                             Director for Small Business

275 Randolph Road, Bldg. #1101                                                                                     (781) 225-6470

Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-2818                                                                                      Ellen McDonnell, SB Specialist                                                                                                          (781) 225-6469

                                                                                                                                                FAX:      (781) 225-2161




Large scale complex system acquisition in the fields of communications, control, surveillance and command; research, development, test and evaluation.


Department of the Air Force                                                                          Ann Marie Beauregard

439 CONF/LGC                                                                                                                   Chief of Contracting

250 Airlift Drive                                                                                                                  (413) 557-3508

Westover ARB, Chicopee, MA  01022-1507                                                                   FAX:      (413) 557-2017                                                                                        


Construction, base supplies, services, maintenance.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                                                     Eva Marie D’Antuono

New England District                                                                                                          Small Business Specialist

696 Virginia Road                                                                                                              (978) 318-8427

Concord, MA  01742-2751                                                                                                FAX:      (978) 318-8891                                                                                       


Civil construction: building, roads, utilities; dredging harbors, rivers, jetties, dams, breakwaters, reservoirs.


U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center                                                                                 Philip Varney

Kansas Street                                                                                                                    Small Business Specialist

Natick, MA  01760-5008                                                                                                 (508) 233-4995                                                                                                       FAX:      (508) 233-4676



Research & Development: air delivery systems and devices, field equipment - storage, clothing, rations and subsistence, environmental research, human factor research, supporting research.

Department of Transportation                                                                  Peter Kontakos

DOT/VOLPE Center                                                                                                         Procurement Analyst

Acquisition Management Division DTS-85                                                                  (617) 494-2602

55 Broadway                                                                                                                    FAX:      (617) 494-3024   

Cambridge, MA  02142-1093                                                                              


Research and Development, systems studies, analysis, evaluations, special programs and projects.


United States Army                                                                                          Irene Bailey

Devens RFTA                                                                                                                      Procurement

30 Quebec Street, Unit #34                                                                                             (978) 796-2045

Deven, MA 01432-4429                                                                                                   FAX:      (978) 796-2194



Federal Aviation Administration                                                                Kevin Hart

12 New England Executive Park                                                                                     Small Business Advisor

Burlington, MA  01803                                                                                                     (781) 238-7660                                                                                                                      FAX:      (781) 238-7654                                                                           


New construction supplies and services.


National Park Service                                                                                    Marcia Dolce

Boston National Historical Park                                                                                    Contracting Officer

New England MABO                                                                                                      (617) 242-5784

Charlestown Navy Yard                                                                                                 FAX:      (617) 242-5785

Boston, MA  02129                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Maintenance, construction, supplies and services.


U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)                               Mr. Jerry D. Smith

Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU)                                                               Director, OSBU

New England Region                                                                                                      (617) 565-8100

Thomas P. O’Neill Federal Building                                                                     

10 Causeway Street                                                                                                       Deborah Tarleton

Boston, MA 02222                                                                                                         (617) 565-8100                                                                                                     FAX:      (617) 565-5748                                                                                 


The New England Region's Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) serves as GSA's regional liaison and advocate for small businesses within Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                              See Brockton MA VA

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

200 Springs Road                                                                                                               

Bedford, MA  01730                                                                                                  

Department of Veterans Affairs                                                          See Brockton MA VA

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

150 South Huntington Avenue                                                                                         

Boston, MA  02130-4893                                                                          


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                 Marianne Leblanc

Medical Center                                                                                                                     Senior Procurement Analyst

940 Belmont Street                                                                                                             (774) 826-1635

Brockton, MA  02301                                                                                                          FAX:      (617) 278-4546                                                                                                                


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                See Brockton MA VA

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

421 North Main Street                                                                                                        

Leeds, MA  01053


Pharmaceuticals/medical/surgical supplies; perishable subsistence; equipment, supplies, and materials for facility operation; maintenance and repair of medical and scientific equipment; building construction, maintenance, and repair; Prosthetic and orthopedic aids; medical gasses.
US Department of Agriculture                                                                         Jane LaBorde
Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA)                                                                     SB Contract Specialist

451 West Street                                                                                                                    (413) 253-4357

Amherst, MA 01002                                                                                                              FAX:      (413) 253-4375                                                                                              


Construction, Supplies, Consulting & Services


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency                                             Sharlene Begley

5 Post Office Square – Region 1                                                                                          Manager, Contracts & Procurement

Boston, MA 02109-3912                                                                                                       (617) 918-1055                                                                                                            Larry Wells, SB Specialist                                                                                                                 (617) 918-1836

                                                                                                                                                   FAX:      (617) 918-0055




Research & Development, Hazardous Materials, Maintenance, Supplies & Services.


Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)                                  

99 High Street                                                                                                                         Twalla Gray, Contracting Officer

Boston, MA 02110                                                                                                                   (617) 832-4783                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                    Gregory Thevenin

                                                                                                                                                    FEMA SB Program Manager

                                                                                                                                                    (202) 646-1914



US Department of Labor                                                                                       Edmond Pendleton

OASAM/Job Corps                                                                                                                   Contracting Officer

John F. Kennedy Federal Building                                                                                          (617) 788-2814

Boston, MA 02203                                                                                                         



Department of the Army                                                                                       Diana Y. Marini

U.S. Property & Fiscal                                                                                                              Supervisory Contract Specialist

Office for Connecticut                                                                                                               CW2, QM, CTARNG

360 Broad Street                                                                                                                       (860) 524-4870 

Hartford, CT  06105-3779                                                                                                        FAX:      (860) 524-4874                                                                                                      


Base supplies/service, maintenance for Army N.G. Units in Hartford & Groton, plus Air Force N.G. Unit at Bradley Field.


Department of the Navy                                                                                         Gerald Furey

Supply Department, Contracting Office                                                                                Small Business Specialist

Gilmore Hall, Building #84, 1st Deck                                                                                    (215) 697-9555

Grayling & Herring Avenues                                                                                                   FAX:      (215) 697-9738

Navy Region Northeast                                                                                                 

Groton, CT 06349-5500


Base supplies (including foods and drugs) ship/submarine repair and operating supplies.


Department of the Navy                                                                                       Paul Krug, Contracting Officer

NAVFAC MIDLANT PWD/FEAD/AQ Branch                                                                        (860) 694-4563

Box 26, Bldg. 135                                                                                                                     Laura Chapman, Contract Specialist

Naval Submarine Base New London                                                                                     (860)-694-4528

Groton, CT 06349-5026                                                                                                           FAX:      (860) 694-4565                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Construction, Maintenance & repair services, A&E services, and Facility Support Services.


U.S. Coast Guard Research & Development Center                       Helen Nelson

1 Chelsea Street                                                                                                                       Small Business Specialist

New London, CT  06320-5506                                                                                               (860) 271-2843                                                                       



Procurement of services and equipment in support of R&D and applied R&D.


VA Connecticut Healthcare System                                                             See Brockton MA VA

950 Campbell Avenue                                                                                                       

West Haven, CT 06516


Construction, refurbishment, operating supplies, maintenance services, miscellaneous hospital equipment, A&E, drugs, food.


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                      See Brockton MA VA

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

555 Willard Avenue                                                                                           

Newington, CT  06111


Construction, maintenance service, repairs, supplies, refurbishment, A&E, drugs, food, hospital equipment.

U.S. Postal Service                                                                                                      Lillian Perkins

Purchasing & Materials Service Center                                                                                  Supervisor, Diversity Coordinator

8 Griffin Road North                                                                                                                   (877) 935-2410

Windsor, CT  06095-1572


Supplies, services, and equipment.


Department of Justice                                                                                             Brian Tobin

Federal Correctional Institution                                                                                                Supervisor of Contracts

Pembroke Station - Route 37                                                                                                    Small Business Specialist

Danbury, CT  06811                                                                                                                   (203) 743-6471                                                                                                                   


Construction, remodeling, facility maintenance, etc.  towels, uniform and other clothing, office supplies, etc.


Connecticut Department of Health                                                                  Ernest Abadom

410 Capitol Avenue, MS# 13TMR                                                                                            Small Business Specialist

P.O. Box 340308                                                                                                                         (860) 509-7234

Hartford, CT 06134-0308                                                                                                




U.S. Army Cold Regions                                                                                          Shirley Reed

Cold Regions Research & Engr. Lab                                                                                       SB Specialist

72 Lyme Road                                                                                                                            (601) 631-5347

Hanover, NH  03755-1290                                                                                                        FAX:      (601) 631-5345

Procurement Opportunities Please Contact:                                                                


Cold regions related research, facility operations and maintenance activities.


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                       See Brockton MA VA

Medical Center                                                                                                    

Acq. & Materials Mgt.                                                                       

718 Smyth Road                                                                                 

Manchester, NH  03104                                                             


Maintenance repair, construction, medical supplies, office supplies, nursing services, scarce medical services and A&E.


Department of the Navy                                                                                          Jacqueline L. Johnston

PWD Maine Bldg 59                                                                                                                    Supv Contract Specialist

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard                                                                                                       (207)438-4602

Portsmouth, NH 03804                                                                                                               FAX:    (207)438-2916


Supplies and Services:  Covers Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, NAS Brunswick, NCTAMSLANT Det Cutler, ME, SATOPS, Prospect Harbor, ME, SERE School, Rangely, ME, DFAS, Limestone, ME,  NOSC, Bangor, ME, NOSC, Quincy, MA, NOSC, Manchester, NH, NOSC, White River Junction, VT, NOSC Amityville, NY, NOSC, Bronx, NY, NOSC, Plainville, CT, NOSC, Worcester, MA, Ft Devens, MA, USS Constitution, MA               

New Hampshire Air National Guard                                                          Scott Ballweg

157 MSG/MSC Contracting Office                                                                                            Chief of Contracting

302 Newmarket ST Bldg 145                                                                                                    (603) 430-3501

PEASE ANGB, NH 03801                                                                                                           FAX:     (603) 430-3428                                                                                       


New Hampshire Army National Guard                                                           Scott Ballweg

USPFO NH Joint Contracting Office                                                                                          Chief of Contracting

Building 145 2nd Flood                                                                                                              (603) 430-3501

Pease ANGB, NH 03803-0157                                                                                        




MAINE Army National Guard                                                                                Lt. Col.   Robert Crowley

USPFO for Maine, Bldg. 39                                                                                                        Contracting Officer

Camp Keyes Augusta, ME  04330-0032                                                                                 (207) 430-5596                                                                                                  


Construction, base supplies, services, maintenance.

Maine Air National Guard                                                                                        MSgt Patrick Nott

101 MSG/MSC                                                                                                                             Small Business Specialist

105 Maineiac Avenue, Suite 510                                                                                               (207) 990-7419

Bangor, ME  04401-0725                                                                                                            FAX:      (207) 990-7482                                                                                        


Construction, base supplies, services, maintenance.


Department of the Navy                                                                                            Allison Tibbetts

ROICC Maine North                                                                                                                     Small Business Specialist

Naval Air Station                                                                                                                          (207) 259-8242

437 Huey Drive, Bldg. #53                                                                                                          FAX:      (207) 259-8205

Brunswick, ME  04011                                                                                                      


Construction requirements (NAVFAC).


Department of the Navy                                                                                           Andrew R. Hair

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk                                                                                    Division Director – Contracting

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Annex                                                                                            (207) 438-3853 DSN: 684-3853

Bldg 153/6th Floor, Code 530                                                                                                     FAX:      (207) 438-2452

Kittery, ME 03904                                                                                                              


This office purchases all service contracts and nuclear materials for the ships undergoing repair/maintenance at the shipyard.


Department of the Navy                                                                                           Michelle Thompson

FISC Norfolk, Portsmouth Annex                                                                                               Contracting Office

Contracting Office                                                                                                                        (207) 438-3877 DSN: 684-3877

Kittery, ME 03904                                                                                                                        FAX:      (207) 438-1251



This office purchases all supplies for the Fleet and is in the process of merging with DLA.

Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                       See Brockton MA VA

Togus Regional Office                                                                                                       

1 VA Center                                                                                                        

Togus, ME  04330                                                                                      


Procurement of services, construction, maintenance and supplies.




Department of the Navy                                                                                           Stephen Stewart

NAVUNSEAWARCENDIV NEWPORT                                                                                        Small Business Advocate, Code 00SB

Building 11 (Commercial Acquisition Department)                                                                (401) 832-7372

Newport, RI  02841                                                                                                                      FAX       (401) 832-4820                                          


Research and Development, Engineering Services pertaining to Surface and Undersea Combat Systems.


Department of the Navy                                                                                              Karen Sampson                                 

Resident Officer in Charge                                                                                                          Contract Specialist

of Construction                                                                                                                              (401) 841-1764

NAVFAC Contracts                                                                                                                       FAX:      (401) 841-1349

Bldg. 1, Simonpietri Drive                                                                                                 

Newport, RI  02841-1712


Construction requirements (NAVFAC), Facility Support Contracts, Small Purchases.


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                          See Brockton MA VA

Medical Center                                                                                                    

830 Chalkstone Avenue                                                                                     

Providence, RI  02908                                                                                               


Maintenance, construction, services, operating supplies, hospital equipment.




Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                         See Brockton MA VA

Medical Center                                                                                    

215 North Main Street                                                                        

White River Junction, VT  05009                             


Maintenance, Construction, services, operating supplies, hospital equipment.


Department of Homeland Security                                                                  Laura Zuchowski

US Citizenship & Immigration Services (CIS)                                                                          Chief, CIS Contracting Office

70 Kimball Avenue                                                                                                                       (802) 872-4111

S. Burlington, VT 05403                                                                                                              FAX:      (802) 951-6455                                                                                                                                                                                                        Richard March

                                                                                                                                                        Small Business Specialist

                                                                                                                                                        (802) 872-4111


Department of the Army                                                                                    Joyce L. Merrill, CDFM LTC

USPFO Activity, Colchester - VT ARNG                                                                                  Supervisor Contract Specialist

789 Vermont National Guard Road                                                                                        (802) 338-3190

Colchester, VT 05446                                                                                                               FAX:      (802) 338-3184                                                              




U.S. General Services Administration                                                         Janice Bracey

Federal Acquisition Service                                                                                                     Lead Small Business Specialist

Small Business Utilization Center                                                                                           (212) 264-1235

26 Federal Plaza, Room 20-100                                                                                              FAX:    (212) 264-9759

New York,                                                                                                                                                                                        


The Small Business Utilization Center promotes and facilitates programs and activities that support and provide access business opportunities; provides counseling on the contracting and procurement process; and conducts free training, networking events and other small business forums.


Department of Veterans Affairs, VISN 3                                                  Linda Williams  

James J. Peters VA Hospital                                                                                                   Small Business Liaison/Contracting Officer   

130 West Kingsbridge Rd.  RM 9B-20                                                                                   718-584-9000x6107

Bronx, NY  10468                                                                                                                      FAX:      718-741-4704                                                                                                          


Procures supplies and services related to facility and patient support. The facility purchases a considerable amount of its requirements from both local and nationwide sources. Examples of items purchased are pharmaceuticals and medical and surgical supplies, perishable subsistence, equipment, supplies, and materials for facility operation, maintenance and repair of medical and scientific equipment, building construction, maintenance and repair, prosthetic and orthopedic aids and medical gases.


VA Medical Center
800 Poly Place
Brooklyn, NY 11209                                                                                                                 See Bronx, NY


VA Medical Center
Castle Point, NY 12511                                                                                                           See Bronx, NY


VA Medical Center
P.O. Box 100
Montrose, NY 10548                                                                                                               See Bronx, NY


VA Medical Center
423 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010                                                                                                               See Bronx, NY


VA Medical Center
79 Middleville Road
Northport, NY 11768-2290                                                                                                     See Bronx, NY

Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                   Cherie Widger-Kresge

VA Western New York Healthcare System                                                                            Acting, Small Business Specialist

2875 Union Road, Suite 3500                                                                                                 VISN 2 VA Healthcare Network Upstate NY

Cheektowaga, NY 14227                                                                                                          (716) 862-6388                                                                                                                   FAX:      (716) 862-8893



Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                         See Buffalo, NY

Acquisition & Materials Mgmt (90)                                                                                 

Bldg #41 Argonne Avenue                                                                                                

Bath, NY  14810                                                                                                                         


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                        See Buffalo, NY

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

800 Irving Avenue                                                                                                              

Syracuse, NY  13210                                                                                                         


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                         See Buffalo, NY

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

400 Fort Hill Avenue                                                                                                          

Canandaigua, NY  14424                                                                                                            


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                          See Buffalo, NY

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

113 Holland Avenue                                                                                                          

Albany, NY 12208                                                                                                                                 


Medical Centers purchase supplies and services related to facility and patient support.


U.S. Department of Treasury                                                                               Deborah E. Paulin-Foster

Internal Revenue Service                                                                                                           Procurement Analyst/SB Specialist

Northeast Area                                                                                                                            (212) 436-1481

Procurement Branch                                                                                                                   FAX:      (212) 436-1849   

290 Broadway, 3rd Floor                                                                                                 

New York, NY 10008


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is responsible for purchasing a wide variety of supplies and services for the IRS. These include, but are not limited to: computer supplies and services, rental of cellular phones and pagers, office supplies, furniture, paper, janitorial, security guard services and K-9 services.


U.S. Department of Energy                                                                                    Robert  P. Gordon

Brookhaven Area Office, Bldg. 464                                                                                         Contracting Officer

Upton, NY  11973                                                                                                                        (631) 344-3346                                                                                                                          FAX:      (631) 344-3444



Basic research in physical and life sciences, including research into structure and properties of matters (solids, liquids and gases), and the physical, chemical and biological effects of nuclear technology.

Operation is a GOCO (Government Operated, Company Owned). Identified as Brookhaven Science Associates.

U.S. Department of Transportation                                                                  Frank Todesco

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy                                                                                               Small Business Specialist

Furuseth Hall, Room 212                                                                                                            (516) 773-5258

Kings Point, NY  11024-1699                                                                                                     FAX:      (516) 773-5251                                                                


Construction and procurement of supplies/equipment for the Merchant Marine Academy.


U.S. Department of Transportation                                                                   Maria Rosu

Federal  Aviation Administration                                                                                               Small Business Specialist

159-30 Rockaway Blvd.                                                                                                              (718) 553-3084

Jamaica, NY  11434                                                                                                                    FAX:      (718) 995-5685                                                                                                                       


Construction of Buildings, landing systems for airports and procurement of radio and radar wire communications, janitorial services, ground maintenance and guard services


U.S. Department of Interior                                                                                     Shirley McKinney

National Park Service                                                                                                                 Deputy Superintendent

26 Wall Street, 3rd Floor                                                                                                             (212) 825-6991

New York, NY  10005                                                                                                                   FAX:      (212) 825-6874                                                                                                                       


Procures office supplies materials, lumber, paint and paper products.


United States Postal Service                                                                                Joseph Relna

New York Procurement Division                                                                                               Procurement Specialist

JAF Building                                                                                                                                 (212) 330-2119

421 8th Avenue, Room 5016                                                                                                     FAX:      (212) 330-2138

New York, NY 10199                                                                                                                   (No E-Mail)


The U.S. Postal services procures a wide variety of equipment and services not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) per acquisition.                                                                           


U.S. Government Printing Office                                                                         Ira Fishkin

Regional Printing - 7th Floor                                                                                                      Assistant Manager                              

201 Varick Street, Room 709                                                                                                   (212) 620-3321                                   

New York, NY  10014                                                                                                                  FAX:      (212) 620-3378                                                             


Contracts for printing services for the Federal Government.


U.S. Department of the Army                                                                                 Sherry Deyo

Directorate of Contracting                                                                                                          Small Business Specialist

U.S. Military Academy, Bldg 681                                                                                              (845) 938-2907

West Point, NY  10996-1594                                                                                                      FAX:      (845) 938-4926                                                                                                          


Procures cadet clothing, athletic equipment, classroom equipment, and supplies and services for the academy.  Building repairs and construction.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                                                              Gregory G. Cuyjet

New York District                                                                                                                          Deputy for Small Business

26 Federal Plaza, Room 21-130                                                                                                 (917) 790-8004

New York, NY  10278                                                                                                                    FAX:      (212) 264-5947                                                                                       


Army and Air Force construction and repair contracts in the New York, New Jersey area and off shore bases; also dredging contracts, communications and electrical equipment.


Operational Contracting Office                                                                               Andrew J. Church

914th Airlift Wing/LGC                                                                                                                 Contract Specialist

2720 Kirkbridge Drive                                                                                                                  (716) 236-2214

Niagara Falls, NY 14304-5001                                                                                                    FAX:      (716) 236-2357                                                                                        


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                                                                Sherrie Plonski

Buffalo District                                                                                                                               Deputy for Small Business

1776 Niagara Street                                                                                                                      (412) 395-7127

Buffalo, NY  14207-3199                                                                                                                                                                                 


Dredging contracts, local purchases and repairs.


U.S. Department of the Army                                                                                Beth Myers

Army Contracting Command - Warren                                                                                      Small Business Specialist

ATTN: (ACC-WRN)                                                                                                                         (518) 266-1450

Watervliet Arsenal                                                                                                                         FAX:      (518) 266-5252

1 Buffington Street                                                                                                              

Watervliet, NY  12189-4000


Engineering and R&D for cannon and mortar systems. Artillery components, cutting tools, gauges, and fixtures.


Central NAS Purchasing Office                                                                              Frank Mitchell

Building 111, Purchasing Room 113                                                                                            Contracting Officer

Ft. Hamilton Military Community                                                                                                 (718) 630-4889

Brooklyn, NY  11252-5100                                                                                                            FAX:      (718) 630-4190


Small purchases covering maintenance, service and supplies.  Food service equipment, beverages and food, and sporting equipment.


U.S. Department of the Army                                                                                   Anthony J. Sligar

Mission & Installation Contracting Command (MICC)                                                              Chief, Contract Division

Fort Drum, NY  13602                                                                                                                    (315) 772-9909                                                                           FAX:      (315) 772-6406


Construction, services, and supply


National Guard Bureau                                                                                                 Lt Col Kenneth D. Trzaskos

U.S. Property & Fiscal Office for NY                                                                                              Supervisor of Contracting

330 Old Niskayuna Road                                                                                                                 (518) 786-4739

Latham, NY 12110-2224                                                                                                                  FAX:      (518) 786-4985                                                                                       


Architectural/Engineering services, construction, food & food catering services.

U.S. Department of the Air Force                                                                            Jan Norelli

Air Force Research Lab                                                                                                                      Director of

AFRL/Information Directorate                                                                                                          Small Business

26 Electronic Parkway                                                                                                                       (315) 330-3311

Rome, NY  13441-4514                                                                                                                      FAX:      (315) 330-7043                                                                                                                                    


Research and development of information and fusion, communication, collaborative environments, modeling and simulation, defensive information warfare, and intelligent information systems technologies.


Defense Contract Management Agency                                                                 Ralph Vinciguerra

615 Erie Blvd. West                                                                                                                               Assistant Director, SB

Syracuse, NY  13204                                                                                                                            (315) 423-8583                                                                                                                                       FAX:      (315) 423-8947



These offices are a source for subcontracting and prime contracting opportunities in their respective areas.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency                                                                  Karen Giacobbe

Contracts Management Section                                                                                                         Chief of Contracting

290 Broadway                                                                                                                                        (212) 637-3380

New York, NY 10007-1866                                                                                                                   FAX:      (212) 637-3410                                                                                       


Laboratory services and equipment, protective clothing, and analytical testing.





U.S. Department of Transportation                                                                              Frank Mierzejewski

Federal Aviation Administration                                                                                                           Small Business Specialist

Technical Center                                                                                                                                     (609) 485-4384

ATTN:  ACM-501                                                                                                                                      FAX:      (609) 485-4088

Atlantic City Airport, NJ  08405                                                                                                  


Contracts for R&D, engineering and technical support services.  Purchases of electronics, mechanical, optical and safety systems to support the aviation industry.


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                                     Stephanie Morreale

Medical Center                                                                                                                                        Small Business Specialist

385 Tremont Avenue                                                                                                                             (732) 206-8900x6169

East Orange, NJ  07018                                                                                                                        FAX:      (732) 836-6012                                                                                                    


Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                                    See Above

Medical Center                                                                                                                    

151 Knollcroft Road                                                                                                          

Lyons, NJ  07939                                                                                        

Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                                 Tony Owens

Office of Acquisition Operations                                                                                                          Contract Specialist                              

Technology Acquisition Center (TAC)                                                                                                 (732) 578-6426                                   

260 Industrial Way West                                                                                                            

Eatontown, NJ  07724


VA Medical Centers purchase supplies and services related to facility and patient support.


U.S. Department of the Army                                                                                        Torrence Trappier

Mission Contracting Office – Fort Dix                                                                                                 Small Business Specialist

Mission and Installation Contracting Command                                                                               (609) 562-6486

5418 S. Scott Plaza                                                                                                                                FAX:      (609) 562-3625

Fort Dix, NJ  08640-5097                                                                                                           


Base maintenance and related services.


U.S. Department of the Army                                                                                          Eric Bankit

U.S. Army Contracting Command – New Jersey                                                                              Chief – Small Business Office

Building 1610                                                                                                                                         (973) 724-3068

ATTN: ACC-NJ-SB                                                                                                                                  FAX:      (973) 724-3002

Picatinny Arsenal, NJ  07806-5000                                                                                         


R&D and engineering for artillery and infantry weapons/ammunition.


U.S. Department of the Navy                                                                                           Dawn Chartier

Naval Air Warfare Center                                                                                                                      Small Business Specialist

Hwy 547, Building 120-C                                                                                                                       (732) 323-2933

Lakehurst, NJ  08733-5082                                                                                                                 FAX:      (732) 323-2908                                                                                                                   


R&D, Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment and Support Equipment.


U.S. Department of the Navy, FEAD NJ                                                                  Francesca M. Buzzetta

Naval Weapons Station Earle                                                                                                             Small Business Specialist

201 Route 34, Bldg C-9                                                                                                                        (732) 866-2825                   

Colts Neck, NJ 07722-5025                                                                                                                FAX:      (732) 866-1011                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                 Alternate at NWS EARLE:

                                                                                                                                                                 Adam Ginther, SADBUS

                                                                                                                                                                 (732) 866-2152   



Construction contracts and Base maintenance service contracts.

U.S. Department of the Air Force                                                                              Suzanne Edgar

87th Contracting Squadron                                                                                                                Director of Business Operation

2402 Vandenberg Avenue                                                                                                                  (609) 754-5927

McGuire AFB, NJ  08641-1712                                                                                                          FAX:      (609) 754-3735                                                                                                                  


Procures supplies, services and construction for the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Pankhurst.


U.S. Coast Guard                                                                                                                   Shirley Green

Training Center                                                                                                                                     Contracting Officer

Administration Bldg., Room 211A                                                                                                     (609) 898-6342

Cape May, NJ  08204-5095                                                                                                               FAX:      (609) 898-6811                                                                                                    


Procurement of services, maintenance, supplies, and construction contracts less than $100,000.00.


Department of the Army & Air Force                                                                          MAJ Jose Maldanaldo

National Guard Bureau                                                                                                                          Contracting Officer

U.S. Property & Fiscal Office for NJ                                                                                                    (609) 562-0222

3601 Technology Drive                                                                                                                         FAX:      (609) 562-0229

Fort Dix, NJ  08640-7600                                                                                                                    jose.d.


Architectural/Engineering services, construction, subsistence items, and supplies.


Defense Contract Management Agency                                                              Benjamin Artis

DCMA, Springfield                                                                                                                                Director for SB

Building  93 - ARDEC                                                                                                                           (973) 724-8285

Picatinny Arsenal, NJ  07806-5000                                                                                                  FAX:      (973) 724-2496                                                                                                                           


This office is a source for subcontracting and prime contracting opportunities in the local area.


U.S. Department of Agriculture                                                                                 Carol Yurkovic

Natural Resources Conservation Service                                                                                        Purchasing Agent

1370 Hamilton Street                                                                                                                         (732) 537-6040 x6084

Somerset, NJ  08873                                                                                                                         FAX:      (732) 246-2358                                                                                                          (no email address)


Flood control and soil erosion prevention projects.

U.S. General Services Administration                                                                  Janice Bracey

18-110 26 Federal Plaza                                                                                                                       Lead Small Business Specialist

New York, NY 10278                                                                                                                              (212) 264-1235                                                                                     


Building maintenance and operating supplies.

 NYS Dept. of Economic Development                                                                                                                                                                                                 General Information

Minority and Women Business Division                                                                                            (212) 803-2414

633 Third Avenue, 32 Floor

New York, NY 10017

NYS Dept. of Economic Development                                                                                                     

NYC Regional Office                                                                                                                              Lennox W. Ruiz                                                               

633 Third Avenue, 36st Floor                                                                                                             Business Development Specialist

New York, NY 10017                                                                                                                            (212) 803-2344


These agencies provide marketing and technical assistance regarding State and Federal Procurements


State Of New York                                                                                                                     Don Greene

Office of General Services                                                                                                                     Director of Procurement Services

37th Floor Corning Tower Bldg.                                                                                                            (518) 474-6717

Empire State Plaza                                                                                                                                 FAX:      (518)486-6099

Albany, NY  12242                                                                                    


Acquires supplies and services for New York State agencies and departments.

NYC Department of Citywide                                                                                    

Administrative Services                                                                                                                        Jeannette M. Megna                           

Division of Municipal – Supplies & Services                                                                                     Dir. Office of Vendor Relations                                                 

One Centre Street                                                                                                                            (212) 669-8562

New York, NY 10007


This office acquires supplies and services for NYC agencies.

NYC Department of Business Services    
110 Williams Street, 2nd Floor                                                                                                              Carolyn Githinji,  Executive Director

New York, NY 10038                                                                                                                               Procurement Outreach Program                                                                                                                                     (212) 513-6438



This office provides information and assistance on city, state and federal procurement opportunities. Also offers various programs to assist the small business person.                

Port Authority of NY & NJ                                                                                           

Office of Business Diversity & Civil Rights                                                     

Newark Legal Center                                                                                                    Roger Hsu Certification Manager                

1 Riverfront Plaza, 9th Floor                                                                                                         (212) 435-7817                                      

Newark, NJ 17102                                                                                                                                                                                                  


This agency issues construction and purchasing contracts for minority and women-owned small business enterprises.


New Jersey Institute of Technology                                                                           

Procurement Technical/                                                                                                                          Dolcey E. Chaplin, Director

Assistant Center                                                                                                                                       James Mitchell

240 Martin Luther King Blvd.                                                                                                                 Marketing Specialist

Newark, NJ  07102                                                                                                                                  (973)596-3105                                                                                                                                             FAX:      (973)596-5806



Technical assistance and guidance related to federal contracting. Maintains a library of military specifications.  Program is funded by a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.


State of New Jersey                                                                                                         

Div. of Development for Small Business                                                                                               Michelle Bailey, Director

Mary G. Roebling Bldg. CN835                                                                                                              (609) 777-0885

Trenton, NJ  08625-0835                                                                                                                        FAX:      (609) 292-9145                                                                                              


Information and assistance on contracting opportunities with State of New Jersey agencies.


New Jersey Transit Corp.                                                                                                        Vincent J. Soleo

One Penn Plaza East                                                                                                                                 Senior Director of Procurement

Newark, NJ  07105-2246                                                                                                                          & Material Management                                                                                                                                     (973)491-7000x7549

                                                                                                                                                                      FAX:      (973)491-7547


Goods & services related to rail and bus transportation systems.

Technical assistance and guidance related to federal contracting.  Maintains a library of military specifications. Program funded by a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.


To search for Federal Business Opportunities – Please visit:

Don’t forget to visit the Procurement Technical Assistance Center website for a counselor nearest you. They can help you identify bid opportunities and give you the information you need for their Bid Match Program

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