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  "Keeping The Oath - No One Left Behind"

No One Left Behind  - Is Not Just A Saying: It's a pledge based on honor, courage land loyalty to rescue a fallen comrade and give aid to the wounded and troubled so that they may be made whole again. No matter what the cost. And this pledge is not limited to the soldier, but also includes their families, for it is undeniable that when one serves - they all serve.

First Choice; Taking care of Those - Who Take care of Us First.

A Mission Based on Honor, Loyality & Commitment!

Our Mission: Rather then talk about the opportunity, resources and assistance that our veteran owned business owners, and members of the military community need, the United States Veterans Inc Chamber of Commerce has sounded the call to battle and is preparing to wage war on the injustice to which the nations veteran owned businesses and military community has been subjected. Our mission is to win this war not by asking for handouts or begging for assistance, but rather through a collaborative entrepreneurial initiative that will provide our veterans with the support and resources they need to become all they can be.


Our mission is to create national database capable of linking any member of the military community with a specific need for assistance to the appropriate nonprofit organization, within the nations 1.6 million registered nonprofits, which generated over 30 billion in charitable donations in 2013 alone, to get our military, veterans and their dependents the assistance they need. This service is being funded by the United States Veterans Inc, Chamber of Commerce.

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