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The Eagles Night Out Events is pleased to present  Sponsorship Kits for VSO Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events 


Inside this kit, you will find materials and information's designed to elevate your visibility as a Show Sponsor amongst the exhibitors at this business-packed event. This heightened exposure to decision makers will improve your return on investment (ROI) from being part of these events. Pick from one of the existing sponsorship opportunities you local participating VSO ENO Event Manager to design a tailored package to meet your specific needs. Our VSO's partners have sponsorship opportunities available for every budget.

Why Become A Sponsor At A Local VSO Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Event.

The nations Military and Veterans are without question the most revered consumer groups in the United States, and enjoy the loyal support of  the nations  167 million loyal military community members and the hundreds of millions of patriotic citizens. 

In-fact: in a recent USVIncCC survey, 97% of Military Community members and 87% of Non-Military Community citizens indicated that they would prefer to give their business to either Veteran Owned Businesses or Non-Veteran Owned Businesses supported VOB and/or Military Community social service initiatives, then those Non-Veteran Businesses that did not.  This is an unprecedent opportunity for your business to profit, while doing an incredible amount of good, through your support of the nations VSO;s and local Military Community social services programs and initiatives. 

Discount ENO B2B Networking Events Sponsorship Promotional Materials. 

  • ALL FILES should be CMYK @ 300 dpi. Acceptable file formats are .TIF, .PDF, .AI, .EPS or .PSD. Please convert all fonts to curves before delivery. If the finished file is more than 5 Mb, please use a third-party file sharing service like or similar.

  • Company Logo for inclusion on signs & banners: See the above parameters; if your logo is in vector format, the physical dimensions are irrelevant. If providing a .TIF or .PSD, please make sure your logo is at least 6″ tall or wide; larger is better.

  • Kick Panel Signs: 60.5″ wide x 32.25″ tall

  • Aisle Signs: 72″ wide x 36″ tall

  • Bell Stand Signs: 22″ wide x 28″ tall

  • Easel Signs: 28″ wide x 44″ tall

  • Meter Boards: 38″ wide x 78″ tall

  • Directory Ads: 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall with 1/8″ bleed (total size 8.75″ x 11.25″). Keep text at least 3/4″ from the edges.


Files may be sent directly to Publications Department at Pricing quotes will be provided within 72 hours of order submission. 

Enhance you company's community service image, and strengthen your brand, while at the same time cultivating a loyal consumer following with quality discounted promotional materials.  Please submit your order form 30 days before the event date.  

Few people realize that the Military Community is literally one of the most Politically Powerful, Influential, and Affluent consumer groups the United States. For example, who do you know, if that has served, has a family member who has served or is serving,  a relative, close friend, neighbor, co-worker, employee, business partner or associate. In fact, the are 3.7 million Veteran Owned Businesses, 167 Military Community members, and tens of millions of  Loyal non-Veteran Strategic Partners throughout the United States.  

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