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Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Event Speakers

Speaker Excellence

Speaker Application

The Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Event speakers your ultimate source for the nation’s foremost motivational speakers, keynote speakers and business speakers. Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events focuses on corporate education, training, consulting and coaching from a national network of business experts. Our customized programs help organizations grow smart and think beyond. Our elite team of corporate speaking & business professionals provides you with expert business guidance, corporate training, consulting, and organizational development programs to help your business thrive and succeed. Our roster of world-renowned motivational speakers, keynote speakers, celebrities and business experts includes many of today's leading business thought-leaders whose insight on change management, leadership, team-building, motivation, innovation and peak performance will help you create an organization that not only withstands, but embraces and harnesses the forces of today’s volatile and competitive global marketplace. Looking for the biggest minds in business? Look no further than The Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events

Guest Speaker Presentation

The Guest Speaker’s presentation should provide the members of The Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Event with a learning experience in specialized knowledge and or skills. Content should be general in nature and NOT designed to promote a specific product or service. The material presented should be timely, relevant and meet the objectives set forth as stated in the completed Guest Speaker’s Proposal which must be completed and forwarded to the event management 2 weeks prior to an engagement.

Professional Speakers

The Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events Management welcomes professional speaker proposals throughout the year and does not employ formal submission deadlines. We are always searching for talented orators to participate in our Gathering of Eagles educational forums. Preferred applicants are expected to be resourceful and have previous public speaking experience with proven success and media credentials.


Please note that the vast majority of Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events speakers are selected by invitation  and member referral. Our goal is to recruit the best blend of talent and topics. Professional speakers interested in speaking at Gathering of Eagles events are encouraged to to submit an application and fee requirements with their resume at least 60 days prior to the event date they would like to present their presentation. Due to the large volume of applications received, a response to your application and proposal may take as long as 30 business days.

Speaker Topic Examples​

At the Eagles Night Out B2B Networking Events we present sessions across many innovative Leadership. Business Management, Social Networking, Marketing & Sales, and  numerous topics of interest and general best practices.  Topics vary from week to week , by location depending on speaker and instructor  availability. Below are sample presentation topics being offered at our events:

Innovative Marketing Techniques that Work

Learn about 60+ innovative marketing techniques that have been highly successful for other organizations. This workshop will be conducted as an interactive exercise/game in which members of the audience pick an image in a matrix and a story is told about how one or more companies have used the corresponding technique to achieve their marketing objectives. At the end of this exercise, you will have the opportunity to generate and share additional innovative marketing techniques. This workshop will help you to think creatively and broadly about how to market your brand(s).You will leave with specific techniques that you can apply immediately.

Sales Support: Helping Your Organization Meet or Exceed its Revenue Goals

While marketers tend to look forward to developing ‘breakthrough’ advertising campaigns and other similarly stimulating activities, often they are appreciated most by their organizations when they are able to assist the sales force in generating new revenues for those organizations. This workshop will familiarize marketers with the activities that they can pursue to help their organizations generate additional sales more quickly. We will touch on everything from trade shows and sales lead generation to customer testimonials and direct mail support. The emphasis will be on those tactics that have proven to help increase sales across a wide range of industries.

Power Sales Sell With Confidence and Close Deals Today!

Interactive Training Solutions’ POWER Sales is a workshop that empowers sales professionals and those new to sales alike, with the skills to build lasting relationships with clients and close more effectively, with a focus on success in this competitive economy.

Speak, present and communicate with poise, power and persuasion.

Today, presentations and public speaking are very much a part of every executive's responsibilities. Effective executive speaking is what distinguishes the successful professional from everyone else. Public speaking skills are most critical to your success-and to your individual and corporate image. Learn to use powerful tools and techniques to turn every presentation or public speaking opportunity into a rewarding experience.

Advanced Sales Management

This sales manager training helps you better handle the ups and downs in your business—and ensure your team's success!


In three days of advanced sales management training, you’ll get skills to keep pace with all the issues that are revolutionizing sales force management. It’s the sales manager training seminar to choose if you want to become a more effective manager—and advance further, faster, in your career. You'll discover the can't-fail techniques that have already benefited thousands of your colleagues. Here is advanced sales management training that will help you learn how to achieve peak performance in every area indispensable to sales management success.

Selling to Major Accounts-A Strategic Approach

Calling on major accounts is time-consuming and risky. With account management training, develop the strategy that will get you the best return on your investment!


You can no longer afford to expend energy on account development without a plan or focus. Major account selling requires a long cycle and a big investment of resources. That’s why today’s successful sales professionals are more than just tactical pros…they’re strategic experts. Now, in this account management training seminar, learn how to develop a strategic selling plan that will save you time, money and hassles by identifying the right account and project, why your offer matters to them, what it takes to assure their long-term relationship and how to move them along the pipeline quickly.

Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

Develop proactive approaches to meet complex challenges with your team.


Designed for mid level and developing managers, the focus is on knowing yourself and how your behavior affects your own effectiveness and the actions of your team. You’ll learn key components of team dynamics and how understanding individual goals, values, strengths and weaknesses can lead to more effective style of management and overall team performance.

Fundamentals of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success

If you’re new to marketing and need a basic—yet thorough—overview, this seminar is for you.


If you’re new to marketing and need a basic—yet thorough—overview, this seminar is for you. In just three days, you’ll learn the fundamentals behind successful marketing. You’ll get a complete grounding in the essentials and begin to develop the skills and techniques necessary to become a marketer who can help your company develop a marketing orientation to enhance the bottom line.

Leveraging Social Media to Engage Customers and Build Your Brand

Today’s web is a more powerful marketing tool than ever. Are you tapping into its amazing potential to turn users into customers?


It’s no secret that the Internet has drastically changed the dynamics of the merchant/customer relationship. Now when it’s time to make a buying decision, customers increasingly turn to the web for product and company information. They expect companies to be transparent, open and honest—and when given a choice spend their dollars with those that are. This seminar provides marketing professionals with concrete techniques for applying social media strategies and tools to their overall marketing portfolio.You'll research consumers’ online habits and mine the data to engage them with blogs, social networks, podcasts and video. You’ll return to work with ready-to-use job aids and templates, including media strategy checklists, reporting forms and more.

Government & Military Contracting Seminar

A comprehensive three-day review of the entire Federal procurement process - from start to finish - emphasizing the practical, the keys to success in today's contract world. With special emphasis on the impact of the Acquisition Streamlining Statutes and the implementing regulations on procurement activities.

This is a fundamental course in Government contracting covering, in critical-point fashion, the key elements you need to function effectively in today’s Federal procurement world. Further, the program covers a comprehensive amount of ground in an easily digestible manner in clear, concise terms you can swiftly apply to your individual work and operations.

Who is this course for? First, and most obviously, for the relative newcomers to Government contracting. Second, for specialists who have been working in limited areas of procurement—those who have not had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the total picture. Third, for veterans who feel the need for an effective refresher, to be brought up-to-date on new rules, new procedures, new rights, and new remedies.

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