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What did Terrorist Attacks of 911, Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Oklahoma, the Winter Armageddon of 2010, and the Devastating Fires of California all have in common?

In each instance both federal and State first responder agencies we operating under manned, under resourced, and unprepared. Unfortunately, due to a failing economny and deep budget cuts to both state and federal agencies, and through no fault of their own, these heroic first responder and emergency logistical support agencies found themselve ill prepared to handel emergencies of the magnitude for which they were required to contend with.


Heroe's in Action 


But what we also seen in these instances was people and businesses from across the community and throughout the nation coming to the aid of those in need. And it is without a doubt that the heroic actions and generous contributions and resources have contributed to the successful emergency recovery efforts and revitilazation of the lives and communities adversly affected by the tragic events.

A Vast Resivoir of Human and Material Resources Just Waiting to be Used.

The are currently 24 million veterans living in communities throughout the United States, the majority of who were trained to provide support in a logistial role and or act as a first responder in time of war or natural disasters. Further, there exist 3.7 million veteran owned business with a vast resovoir of human and material resources most of whom would proudly come to the aid of  individuals and communities in need of assistance.


For a Veteran our lifes greates Honor was that we were given the opportunity to be protectors and servants to those less fortunate or those in need. It is also an Honor to be a valued member of Americas Heroic military community and it something we miss very much after we leave service and lose touch with our community and those people with whom we served with. 

A Community of Heroes in Action

The Military Community Emergency Reaction Team (C.E.R.T) was created to levearge the vast number of skillsets, experience and material resources in time of emergency for those communities in need of assistance.


The Mission and Goals of Military C.E.R.T., is to first provide the communities across the nation with an effective volunteer Emergency Response Reaction Network to address their immediate emergency management. The USVIncCC accomplishes this by recruiting Veteran Owned Business Owners and qualified members of the Military Community across its network to fill fill the emergency management reserve needs of the communities in which they live.    and resource requirements. .

Partnering For Success

The USVIncCC had developed a unique partnership approach in support of its aggressive community intergration initiatives involving, veteran service organizations, government agencies and emergency management support non profit organizations. The benefit to partnership participants are;


1] Potential saving of hundreds of millions of dollars per year to the Federal government and American tax payers.


2]   Potential saving of tens of millions of dollars per year to the state government and state  tax payers.


3] Employment, job training and volunteer opportunities for the nations veterans and veterans in business.


4] Increased moral amongest the nations veterans and within the military community.


5] The potential to save hundreds to thousands of lives anually.


6] The opportunity to generate increased memberships and funding for the nations veteran service organizations.

Coming Soon To Your Community

The USVincCC is working diligently with veterans service organizations, government agancies and emergency management support non-profit organizations to to build the IT and organization support infrastructure necessary to implement and manage Military Community Emergency Response Teams in communites across the nation and is working hard to bring these services to you community as soon as possible.


For more informatio regading volunteer and/or partnership opportunities with Military C.E.R.T., please contact a USVIncCC office at; 202-741-5765

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