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Owen Watson

Why You Need Totally Rad Pro Retouch 2 for Your Photo Editing Workflow

the first issue is that there were always a few tools that i really didnt like about this app. first, the photoshop-actions were always cumbersome. i dont need to download anything, just run the action. after that, my guess is that the actions didnt work that great with actual files, so, i took to re-creating the actions on my own. i loved doing that, but it took a lot of time.

Totally Rad Pro Retouch 2 Download

Download File:

the second issue is that its size. totally rad is a huge package. more than a hundred megabytes. oh, my, my, my. and it doesnt get smaller over time, either. and unlike actions such as graber, photoshop actions can take quite a while to get going. its very frustrating.

the truth is, with that much power at your fingertips, you dont need to force the issue as much as you think you do. the truth is, though, that totally rad could take some serious effort to get running. but, once it did, it was totally amazing. totally.

its so wonderful, in fact, that i have updated pro retouch 2 to give you a deeper skin-smoothering feature with a whole series of skin-tightening actions. pro retouch 2.0 also includes layer-based, and full-screen retouching to round out this powerful set of actions. best of all, pro retouch 2.0s actions work on jpeg and psd files, fully supported by adobe photoshop.

now you can use totally rad today in addition to the new pro retouch 2.0, youll find a whole series of new, streamlined actions to make your photoshop editing workflow even more streamlined. theres only one thing thats better than a file, and that is a file with a good skin-tightening action..


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