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Dylan Lee
Dylan Lee

Dorm Dek Hor Eng Sub [Thai Movie]

Breaking into the movies business can be a very tough task. You can make some, but are really only in it for the money if you keep at it. I remember seeing this in a free theater with one of my friends and it was my first Thai movie and the first one I've seen from Thailand in a while. It was back when the supply side of the business was very big. I would say 95% of the movies released were out of Thailand even in the late 90's! So good that it still puts a smile on my face. It's a really good adaptation of a book and I recommend checking it out if you can find it.

Dorm Dek Hor Eng Sub [Thai Movie]

Only about a handful of independent films made it to the screen in a decade in Thai cinema. After they paved the way for the war against corruption and the economy's collapse in the late '90s, Thai directors returned to the domestic market only sporadically, helping define Thai New Wave filmmaking in the 2000s. In 2001, The Movie of the Year 2010 by the Association of Thai Cinematographers was released. The association called for films by independent directors: it was at this years premier that Monrak Transistor was screened at the first indie film festival, as well as the first Makers Selection, held at the first Southeast Asian Games. In 2008, the Association of Thai Cinematographers presented Pichit Sadee/Before the Rain as its first entry for the Thai Film Academy Awards (HFA).

In the year since The Croods was released, animation has taken the world by storm. Director Rich Moore's witty work, which he followed up with The LEGO Movie, has earned him an Oscar and a legion of fans. On top of the obvious creative success the films have been able to generate with toys, the use of animation as a storytelling medium has sparked renewed interest around the globe as filmmakers across the world seek to emulate Moore's success. For many, animation is the most accessible and approachable way to tell a story. Taking advantage of the resources afforded by animation, filmmakers around the world are now turning to animation to tell their stories. One of the most important and powerful tools of animation is the color palette. Choosing what colors to use, whether it is a particular shade of brown or every color on the rainbow, requires thought and deliberate decisions. A perfect illustration of this is from Minnie's Bow Wow, a short film from the PBS Kids series Curious George. The film uses a contrast of cool colors to establish a big contrast. The blue and green set off the white. In this way, the white is the most neutral, the most neutral is the winner in this scenario. Of course, there are many other factors to be considered, but in this case, the color palette contributes to the film's effectiveness....


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