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How to Score Tons of Goals and Win Trophies with the Diablo Tactic in CM 01 02

CM 01 02 Diablo Tactic: How to Dominate the Game with a Legendary Formation

If you are a fan of football management games, you have probably heard of Championship Manager 01/02, or CM 01 02 for short. This game was released in 2001 by Eidos Interactive and Sports Interactive, and it quickly became one of the most popular and addictive games of its genre. Even today, almost two decades later, there are still thousands of players who enjoy playing CM 01 02 with updated databases, patches, and mods.

Cm 01 02 Diablo Tactic

One of the reasons why CM 01 02 is so appealing is that it allows you to create your own tactics and formations, and experiment with different styles and strategies. However, among all the possible tactics that you can use in CM 01 02, there is one that stands out as the most legendary and effective: the Diablo tactic.

The Diablo tactic is a formation that was created by a user named Mr. Hough on a forum called The Dugout. It was named after the Spanish word for devil, because it was so devilishly good that it could destroy any opponent. The Diablo tactic became famous for its ability to score tons of goals, win trophies, and make any team unstoppable.

But how does the Diablo tactic work? How can you download and install it? And what are the secrets behind its success? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. We will show you how to dominate CM 01 02 with the Diablo tactic, and have fun along the way.

The formation and roles of the Diablo tactic

The Diablo tactic is based on a 3-1-3-3 system, with three defenders, one defensive midfielder, three midfielders, and three strikers. Here is how it looks like:


As you can see, this is a very attacking formation that relies on overwhelming the opposition with numbers and movement. However, each player has a specific role and function in this tactic, which makes it more balanced and coherent than it seems. Let's take a look at each position in more detail.



Key attributes



The goalkeeper is responsible for saving shots, distributing the ball, and organizing the defense. He should be reliable, confident, and good with his feet.

Handling, reflexes, agility, kicking, communication.

Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas, Oliver Kahn.


The central defenders are responsible for marking the opposition strikers, intercepting passes, clearing crosses, and supporting the midfield. They should be strong, fast, brave, and good in the air.

Tackling, marking, heading, positioning, pace.

Alessandro Nesta, Sol Campbell, Rio Ferdinand.


The defensive midfielder is responsible for shielding the defense, breaking up attacks, winning tackles, and starting transitions. He should be tough, aggressive, intelligent, and good at passing.

Stamina, strength, aggression, teamwork, passing.

Pablo Aimar (Diablo), Patrick Vieira (Normal), Claude Makelele (Defensive).


The central midfielders are responsible for controlling the game Continuing the article: , creating chances, scoring goals, and supporting the strikers. They should be creative, skillful, versatile, and good at shooting.

Passing, creativity, technique, flair, finishing.

Zinedine Zidane, Juan Roman Riquelme, Frank Lampard.


The strikers are responsible for finishing the chances, making runs, holding up the ball, and pressing the opposition. They should be fast, clinical, strong, and good at dribbling.

Pace, finishing, off the ball, dribbling, strength.

Thierry Henry, Ronaldo Nazario, Ruud van Nistelrooy.

The most important and unique role in this tactic is the loony midfielder (MC), who is usually Pablo Aimar in the original Diablo tactic. This player is a playmaker who has the freedom to roam all over the pitch, creating havoc and confusion among the opposition. He should have high stamina, aggression, teamwork, passing, and creativity. He is the heart and soul of the Diablo tactic.

The instructions and settings of the Diablo tactic

The Diablo tactic is set on short passing, gung ho mentality, close down always, and counter-attack. These settings are designed to create a fast-paced and aggressive style of play that overwhelms the opposition with pressure and movement. The Diablo tactic also requires high levels of team cohesion, morale, and fitness to work effectively.

However, the Diablo tactic is not rigid or fixed. It can be adapted and modified according to the situation and preference of the manager. For example, some possible variations and tweaks of the tactic are:

  • Changing the mentality to normal or cautious when facing stronger teams or defending a lead.

  • Changing the passing style to mixed or direct when facing teams that park the bus or play with a high defensive line.

  • Changing the closing down to stand off or sometimes when facing teams that play with long balls or fast wingers.

  • Changing the counter-attack to off when facing teams that play with a low defensive line or counter-attack themselves.

  • Changing the formation to 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 when facing teams that play with a narrow midfield or a lone striker.

  • Changing the roles or positions of some players according to their attributes or skills.

The Diablo tactic is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires some experimentation and fine-tuning to suit different scenarios and preferences. The manager should always be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his own team and his opponents, and adjust accordingly.

The results and performance of the Diablo tactic

The Diablo tactic has been proven to be very effective and successful in CM 01 02. Many players have reported amazing results and performance using this tactic in different leagues and competitions. For example:

  • A user named Mr. Hough claimed that he won 10 consecutive Premier League titles with Manchester United using this tactic.