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Massachusetts / ENO B@B Networking Events

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Isaiah Ramirez
Isaiah Ramirez

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You can use Photoshop and Corel PhotoRAW to save money, or maybe you want to jump right into Lightroom CC. They are not cheap, and will be a decision on what your main photo management software is going to be.

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For me, the best choice was Lightroom, for Windows. I also love the fact that I can move content from this version of Lightroom on to my MacBook Pro right away, and try out a Mac version of Lightroom later. The only downside I found was that the Mac version lacked some of the more advanced features of the Windows version, but a few of those are also available in the free Lightroom Mobile version.

So, I spent probably about a week downloading and installing each of the programs I will need. In case you still dont know, the Fastest Way To Convert Your Nikon D3s Is To Install VeeDee. not what we had planned for today, but a combo pack that includes lightroom and the camera did everything I could ask for, and gave me a simple way to start using lightroom again.

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