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Thiruppugazh Lyrics In English P

There is much controversy about the origin of Thiruppugazh. Murugan holds that it was composed by Arunagirinathar (17th or 18th century). Sri Pu. Nataraja, the 'flood divine' who is the source of Nataraja Thandavam, holds that it was composed by the poet 'Nataraja Nayanar' who lived in the 12th century.

Thiruppugazh Lyrics In English P

With the blessings of His divine parents, Lord Muruga came to ThiruchchendhUr with His armed group. He immediately sent Veerabahu as an emissary to Soorapadman and asked him to release all the DEvAs imprisoned by him. But the demon refused. Lord Muruga had no option but to wage war against Soorapadman and his legions. It lasted for ten days. This war (between the Good and the Evil) is described in hundreds of songs by AruNagirinAthar in Thiruppugazh using such meters, rhymes, beats, sounds, fury and glory that no other poet has ever attempted.

Most devotional literature exclusively described either the Glory of Shiva (Periyapuranam, Thevaram, Thirumanthiram etc.) or of Vishnu (Divya Prabhandam, Thiruppavai, Thiruvembavai etc.) but Thiruppugazh is uniquebecause it described the glory of Vishnu and also of Shiva. Thiruppugazh songs ended by addressing Muruga as Perumale, the term generally used for Lord Vishnu. Arunagirinathar has related Muruga to Rama in two ways. Murugas consort, Valli, was the daughter of Maha Vishnu in her previous birth and known as Sundara Valli. So, Arunagirinathar addressed Muruga as Malon Marugan (son in law of Thirumal). On another count, Parvati, being the sister of Maha Vishnu, Muruga became the nephew of Vishnu (Maruman). These expressions, Malon Marugan and Maruman frequently appear in his songs.


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